Assassins Creed

Olen mänginud palju erinevaid arvutimänge, kuid nendest üks läks mulle nii hinge, et hakkasin sellest uurima ning seda isiklikult fännama.

Arvutimäng nimega Assassins Creed (eesti keeles palgamõrvari usutunnistus), viib mängija tagasi keskaega, kus tegelane kehastab kangelast, kes võitleb rahva eest ning on tihti suureks osaks erinevatel revolutsioonidel. Mis selle juures mulle väga meeldib, on see, et erinevad sündmused, mida sa ise läbi mängid on tegelikult olemas olnud, ning inimesed, keda seal mängus näha võib, on ajaloos tegelikult ka eksisteerinud.

Ühes inglise keele tunnis, kui me pidime kirjutama juttu, mõtlesin, et võiks just jutu kirjutada sellest samast arvutimängust. Hakkasin mõtlema, ning lõpuks oli mul selline story valmis, et arvasin juba, et minust võiks saada kirjanik. Nimelt sain ma maksimaalsed punktid. :O :O

See oli siis see jutt mille kirjutasin:

It was a late night and the darkness was ruling Jerusalem. Some horrible screams and again that strange silence. Such was Jerusalem every night.
There was a man standing on the edge of a roof. He was wearing a white hood and a long armored robe. There was a great sadness deep in his eyes. ,,Why do we have to kill? Why can’t we just live in peace. Well i guess that templars don’t have such a word peace.” Suddenly he heard somebody calling him: ,, Altair, Altair, we are ready to attack these bastards.”
Just a few moments later they both were running and after doing that 3 minutes they arrived. There were more men wearing similar outfits. Then Altair saw his good friend and strategist Eziko. ,,Altair my mentor, everyone is ready, we are ready to end this war. We only need your order.” He said it happily. He had a strong hope and Altair saw that. ,,Eziko this war will never be over. Show me your plan.” Hes smile was gone, but still he belived in great victory. He started: ,,Here is the main gate, here they have four guards. Two of my best men will sneak to them and take them down quietly. Inside they have about fifty templars. That is the place where we will make our main stand. Durning the time while everyone is fighting, me and you, we will run into the main building, where the meeting is and finally we will take down the main dog. The Al Mualim.”
After Eziko told that, there was silence. ,,Well let’s go,” said Altair quietly, not knowing that this whole attack will take the opposite and unexpectable turn, what will make the beginning to a big and grazy adventure.



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