Lugemine omal vastutusel (I)

Siia tahtsin ma kirjutama hakata inglise keeles. Keelt tuleks õppida. Inimestega suhtlemine mul väga ei õnnestu. Rahvusvahelisest sutlusportaalist leitud inimestega suhtlus ei edene. Seega treenin end siin.

Kirjutan siia väga valesti. Seega, keeletundlikud inimesed hoitke eemale, s.o Teile eluohtlik. :D

My name is Minny. I try to write English, but if you don’t understand, then its my fault. My English is very rusty. :D

This page is draft.

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  1. Rloll kirjutab:

    Hau cum vi can kritisise you, if wi kan’t anderstand, if u re just meikingi or duing tiping mistake?

    • Avatar minny minny kirjutab:

      Ma ei oska seda kuidagi kommenteerida, aga see mõjub mulle positiivselt. Pärast seda teksti ma julgen ise ka natuke vigu teha. :)

  2. Rloll kirjutab:

    Ja mina olin nilbe, ära uuri :D . Kui uurid, siis omal vastusel.

  3. Avatar minny minny kirjutab:

    So. I am here.
    It is so hard to write here in English. I afraid feedback.
    I afraid that someone write something bad about my English skills (what I don’t have). And I feel to talking in English that I can’t express my thoughts.

    Talking in English is like prisoner. (If You know what I mean.) :D

    But I took courage and wrote my first text.

    I was good in yesterday. (1) I sent 11 CVs and repaired my CV in Danish job web. (2) I read English book (about international financing). (3) And I studied some Danish word. (4) I walked with dog (in the night and launch time).

    I was good in today too. (1) I walked with dog in the launch time. (2) I went in the shop with my mother. (3) I helped my mother in the kitchen. (4) I read English book. (5) I studied Danish. (6) I did something that my computer sent to me some error. :D (7) And now I am here. Jeyyy…

    Sometimes, when I walk with dog, I try thinking in English. :D I think that I am at the party or talk to someone in my imagine work or something like that. :D
    Starting is easy, but when talking goes to specific or serious then I go to Estonian language and then it is just dreaming. :D

    I hope that this thing helps me. Maybe English is becoming easier for me and talking in English is not so uncomfortable for me.

    Living in Denmark is hard. It is hard to find some job in here, but I do not regret that I came here. I have to be patient and consistent.
    I know that everything is going to better. And I know that my decision to go here was right.
    Keep going! :D

  4. Avatar minny minny kirjutab:

    Today was Danish studying day. I learned some word. But today is also Sunday and I wasted my time (it’s so me). :D

    I read Estonian news and some bloggs and thinking about my goal (working in Denmark and save as much money as I can). I had some bad minds, but they are gone now.

    Today sun is shining and morning was so beautiful.

    I made my push-ups 10+10 and I did them very quickly. I don’t know is that bad or good. But I try this way, because I can’t do them slowly (I don’t have so much power for that).

    I am thinking about my weight. I think that I have to lose 5 kilograms. It will be good to me. But I don’t know how to do that. I want that new weight stay and I don’t want training very much (I want simple training). I don’t want that my weight go down very fast. The biggest fear is that I stuck weight low process and that growing to (eating) disease. I don’t want thinking all day long only food and my weight. I don’t want go that situation where I don’t eat anymore and my body becomes skeleton.

    I think that my weight goes down when I find my way. (I get job and I get routine = I get a life). :D

    I think that on my tomb have to be text: „Here rests a girl who did not live.“ :D No, I don’t want tomb. The text have to be the last place where my foot was. Or bottom of ocean or sea (where my body dust falls).

    But I don’t give up yet. I don’t have so sad situation. Everything is ok, I find my life, but it’s take some time. Time is something what I have a lot (at the moment) and I don’t know how to use that. :D

  5. Peojuht kirjutab:

    See kõlab nagu Siim Kallas. Aga harjuta edasi.

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