While the cultivation, distribution and consumption of cannabis is prohibited by law in some countries, in some states of the United States it is authorized for medicinal purposes. It is therefore only logical that entrepreneurs should be interested in this trade. However, growing marijuana is not for everyone, you need to have a green thumb and as with other medicinal plants, respect the different cycles and follow the evolution of the plants as closely as possible to obtain the best yield. An American company has launched LEAF, a kind of small automated refrigerator, which allows you to grow grass without any knowledge.


LEAF is completely legal in some states in the United States to produce a small amount of cannabis if you have a medical prescription authorizing its use for medical reasons. This small closet, which looks like a refrigerator, will allow two cannabis plants to be grown automatically simultaneously. The push will be controlled automatically, while the user will be able to follow everything from his smartphone.

LEAF: a “Plug N’ Plant” system for growing cannabis

We knew the smart vegetable garden, here is the automated cannabis cupboard. LEAF is presented as a box 1.20 meters high and 60 centimeters wide. This system, currently on sale in the United States in states where medical cannabis use is allowed, was unveiled at the Techcrunch Disrupt event last year. Its inventor, Yoni Ofir, himself a medical cannabis user, wanted to start growing cannabis for his own use, but he was quickly confused by the amount of knowledge needed to grow high quality cannabis. He then came up with the idea of this fully automated system.


LEAF is equipped with sensors to monitor all parameters so that they are always optimal for a good harvest. Thus, according to a “recipe” and the seeds we have planted, the machine will be carefully cared for with the plants. Temperature, humidity, ventilation, substrate Ph, light and fertilizer, everything will be automatically adapted by LEAF. The plants obtain their nutrients from cartridges that the user will place in the compartment provided for this purpose. Thus, if the system detects that the plant lacks light, it will adapt the brightness. If it needs more fertilizer, LEAF will increase the doses. The manufacturer has signed a partnership agreement with Advanced Nutrients, a major player in the field of cannabis fertilizers. It provides the nutrient cartridges used by LEAF. According to the manufacturer, with this system it is possible to collect between 110 and 140 grams of marijuana.

Can be controlled from an application

If everything is automated, the user can always take control of the crop from the dedicated application and adjust the various parameters according to his wishes. With this application, he will also be able to visualize all the data collected by the sensors. Users will even be able to follow the growth of their plants live thanks to the camera integrated in the cupboard. LEAF also has a social side, users will be able to share their recipes.

However, this technology has a cost and it will still cost $1,500 to purchase the LEAF system. The less fortunate users will always be able to rely on cheaper products to monitor their plants.