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25. Jul 2010

vot sellised kirjavahetused on mul mu itaalia kooliga – esmaspäev, kell on 0.33

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Ciao Monica!

I just got home from my doctors appointment. It was just grazy! She is this old russian lady who loves to talk but isn’t very good at her job obviously. Anyway at first she didn’t understand anything about the health evaluation sheet (she hardly speaks estonian) and even the nurse didn’t speak any english but finally they understood something. And the doctor sent me to all those tests.. anyway I have to be back there at tomorrow at 12 o’clock to get the results and then (hopefully!!) i can send the Packet B2 – enrollment forms.

Thanks for your patience and hopefully the next time I contact with you is to send the forms!

All the best



did you take a video of you trying to explain our forms to the doctor? I bet it was hilarious! LOL

don’t worry .. we can wait for you.. thanks for all you’re doing .. I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be …


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